Salvation Army Redwood Glen Camp Service Project
March 18th to 20th

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"A Call To Serve" 1 Page Flyer to distribute to Scouts

"A Call To Serve" Service Weekend Detail Document

Directions to the Camp - From the South

Directions to the Camp - From the North

Directions to the Camp - From the West

Camp Map and Trail Map


To perform a series of service projects for the Salvation Army camp, Redwood Glenn. In order to accomplish the amount of work that needs to be done, this proposal defines purpose and activities to involve the Pioneer District, and the Council as a whole. Further, this project would qualify as a “Good Turn for America” service project as it is for the Salvation Army. In addition to the Good Turn for America service hours, it will also qualifying the scout for the Service Ribbon of the 100 Year of Celebration Loop Patch.  Additionally, this project will better the camp for the summer to be filled with “At Risk” kids, and “Inter-City” teens from around the Santa Clara Valley. The final objective is offer this as a great first camp for new scouts that just bridged into Boy Scouts and to get them started in their journey.


The primary goal is to complete a number of projects spread around the camp and to get it ready for summer activities.  The secondary goal is to earn hours toward service and for the scout, crew, or team member to exercise leadership, stewardship, compassion, doing a good turn, and teamwork. Additionally. the OA can use this project as a way to introduce scouts to the mission and heart of what the OA is all about - service.


The solution is to have a number of scouting units signed up either from Santa Clara, Monterey, and Pack Sky Councils in order to include units that put service high in their program goals. Additionally, units will be able to sign up for a specific project that best suits their unit focus, or capabilities. The advantage of signing up for a specific project(s), each scouting unit will know the type of activity they will perform and to properly train or prepare the scouts for the tasks to be done. These units will be able to log their hours on the “Good Turn for America,” program website at

Work Packages

In order to get the amount of work done, the projects(work packages) will be broken into manageable pieces so a unit can complete their segment by the closing ceremony.  Each unit will also bring the necessary tools to complete their selected work and if unit does not have the tools needed, arrangements will need to be made with the Program Manager to ensure they have what they need.


Each Unit should come with a complete roster of kids, and the necessary safety gear such as eye protection, and gloves based on project.  Additionally, each scout will need to bring a copy of their Class A & B medical forms which will be returned at the end of the weekend. Further it is the responsibility of the unit to ensure that the scouts participating are in proper physical condition to perform the work that they unit be be doing. If for any reason an accident does occur, there will be a paramedic on site and if necessary the Scotts Valley medical Center is a short drive away.

Finally, the expectation is to have FUN, and enjoy the weekend knowing that over 2500 kids scheduled to attend the 2011 summer camp will be enjoying a facility your scouts help restore.

Salvation Army Service Project

Weekend Overview March 18th - 20th, 2011

The Service Weekend is being be coordinated by Troop 577.  The overall Program Manager is Dennis Conte who is the primary point of contact with the camp.  Troop 577 will be work with the units to assign responsibilities to each unit such as helping plan the campfire on Saturday night, to camp hosts, or registration, or taking part in a Scouts Own service on Sunday morning, and flag ceremonies.  THIS IS A FREE event to the scout and or the unit, this includes meals, and lodging, if a unit would like to use a cabin rather then pitching tents. Of course if a unit would like to use their tents, the grass field will be available. The only cost incurred by the scout is traveling costs incurred by the unit to get to camp or if they would like purchase the Patch for this event.

Friday will begin with registration starting as early as 5:30PM, and closing for the evening at 10:00PM for the late arrivals. There will be a short 15 minute welcome in the camp Chapel at 8:00PM followed by a Cracker Barrel at 8:30 in the cafeteria.  The Program Manager will go over the expectations and layout the work and which unit is doing what.  For the Cub Scouts, the expectation is for Webelos 1 & 2s to sleep over, and the other Cub Scout ranks to arrive Saturday morning unless the Pack is treating as a Pack Event, then the Pack may sleep over.

Saturday morning will have a 15 minute PLC to review safety procedures.  There is going to be one major planning meeting prior to the weekend where project assignments will be made and to go over activities. Also during this meeting, the Saturday night Campfire program will discussed.  The unit senior leader or a scout assigned will be responsible for attending this meeting. The meeting will be determined by January 1st.

Service is the focus for the weekend, but in holding in the scouting spirit, units will have time at the end of Saturday for a large game of Capture the Flag or to just hangout before dinner.  There will also be unit citations for keeping their areas clean, for unit spirit, and for the unit that best demonstrates the Heart of Service, and these will be awarded at Sunday Lunch.  

Units should properly plan how to manage their time in order to complete their tasks, and the Program Manager will assist the units in planning a timeline if it is needed.  

Tentative Weekend Quick Schedule


    • 4:30PM Registration Opens
    • 6:15PM Dinner
    • 8:30PM Cracker Barrel starts
    • 9:00PM Registration Closes for the evening
    • 10:30PM Lights Out


    • 7:30AM Opening Flag Ceremony
    • 8:00AM Breakfast
    • 8:45AM Work begins
    • 12:30PM Lunch
    • 1:05PM Work Continues
    • 4:00PM Wrap up Days work & Clean Up
    • 5:00PM Flags (if not Lighted)
    • 5:10PM Capture the Flag or Free Time
    • 6:15PM Dinner
    • 7:00PM Campfire
    • 8:30PM Cracker Barrel
    • 10:30PM Lights Out


    • 7:15AM Opening Flags
    • 7:30AM Breakfast
    • 8:15AM Scouts Own
    • 9:00AM Work Begins
    • 12:15PM Lunch
    • 12:45PM Finalize Work sites
    • 2:15PM Closing Flags
    • 2:30PM Dismiss

Work Activities for the Service Weekends

Not all activities need to be assigned, this simply is the list of available projects.

    • Build Ohlone Village
    • Trail Maintenance - Install Water Bars
    • Rebuild Glen Oaks Shed
    • Foley Farm - Goat Corral changes, cement floors and foundation
    • Repair & repaint fence above campfire Pit
    • Build Wood Storage, Split, stack and clean Wood Pile at Campfire
    • Build Benches for Outdoor Adventure Camp
    • Spread wood chips along prayer walk trail
    • Rebuild fire pit at Outdoor Adventure Camp, spread new rock
    • Install in conduit new electric supply to Redwood grove Campfire Pit
    • Finish stairs to Director Cabin and Build handrail
    • Build deck at OAC Cabins that links the cabins together
    • Construct a shooting platform at the Slingshot Range
    • Build additional trail benches and anchor them in place
    • Paint exterior of Craft House and Canteen
    • Paint exterior of Meadow view Cabin
    • Rebuild Horseshoe Pits
    • Repair Fence at Outdoor Chapel
    • Repaint Bridge Railings